Summer Water Saving Tips – August

  • Water during the early morning or evening hours since evaporation losses will be up to 60 percent higher during the day.
  • Do not water on windy days. Set sprinklers so the lawn is watered, not sidewalks, pavement and driveways.
  • Use an overlapping sprinkler pattern to cover the lawn evenly. Every drop counts!

Summer Water Saving Tips – July

  • Don’t throw dropped ice cubes in the sink: they can be used to water house plants.
  • When kids want to play in the sprinkler, use it in an area your lawn needs water most.
  • Don’t let the sun steal your water: water your lawn in the morning or evening.
  • Ensure sprinklers water grass and not concrete.

Water is a precious resource: Every drop counts!

Water Conservation

Dear Residents:

Cypress Creek Lakes MUD’s has been notified by West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) that Cypress Creek Lakes (CCL), as well as all subdivisions in Harris County, will have a limited supply of surface water allocated during the peak demand periods. The peak demand periods are usually May through September. WHCRWA receives water from the City of Houston and the City has a limited supply. If CCL exceeds that allocation, WHCRWA will shut off the flow of water. CCL will then have to rely on well water and go on a Drought Contingency Plan.

With these water restrictions, it is imperative, we must be mindfully conservative as a community, to aid in reducing the use of water during these peak demand periods.

The bulk of water consumption in CCL is for irrigation and other outdoor uses. Please ensure that your irrigation systems are leak free. Please try to limit your irrigation to no more than two inches of water per week. Please disengage your sprinkler system during rainfall.

If you see a water leak anywhere in our subdivision please report it immediately. You may call Inframark 24 hours a day at 281-398-8211.

The irrigation of the flowers and grass in the common areas around the subdivision is supplied by the retention lakes. This water does not count towards our allocation.

This will require the cooperation of every resident.

Thank you.